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“Often, people come to us with their lives in upheaval because of an injury or the tragic death of a loved one. Their entire family is affected, and we feel tremendous pressure to help. We know they are hurting and their case is very personal. It’s not just about a paycheck for them and not just a notch in our belt.“
— Attorney Michael D’Amico


At our law firm in Pittsburgh, PA, we are genuinely invested in helping our clients seek the justice they deserve after suffering an injury or loss of a loved one due to negligence. D’Amico Law Offices, LLC is a family-run Pittsburgh law firm with attorneys and staff members who understand how important your family is to you.

The health and well-being of your family are extremely important, and our lawyers are dedicated to fighting for their rights during challenging times. No other firm will offer you the human touch we can. We give each client and case the full attention they deserve.  

We have successfully worked on countless personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits, creating a trusting atmosphere between lawyer and client at our Pittsburgh law firm. 

We know hiring a lawyer is a very personal decision. We invite you to learn more about the professional credentials of our lawyers:


Anthony J. D’Amico

Founding Partner

Amanda M. D'Amico

Amanda M. D’Amico

Associate Attorney

Michael J. D' Amico

Michael J. D’Amico

Founding Partner

Our Core Values

Our firm advocates for our clients with the knowledge, experience, and resources other firms are unable to offer. This gives us an edge over competitors and allows us a head start on resolving a client’s case.

We founded D’Amico on the foundation of these clearly-defined values:


We are a family-run business, and we treat each of our clients with the same sense of inclusion and belonging. Every client becomes a part of our family when they work with us.


We identify with the trying time our clients are going through. It matters to us that their specific needs are met, and they are comfortable throughout the process.


We are not afraid to take on complicated cases and zealously fight for maximum compensation. We work hard to ensure our clients are compensated fairly.


We believe nothing replaces decades of experience and intimate knowledge of the cases we fight. Our practical wisdom is one of our greatest resources.


We believe a disciplined approach is what yields the best results and highest trust from our clients. We take their confidence in us very seriously.

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Whether the case involves mesothelioma, defective products, or negligence, we are here to handle the legal burden so you can focus on care and treatment. We understand the tremendous personal toll that injuries can place on a person and their loved ones. We focus on your family’s specific needs to make sure you are comfortable moving through this very difficult time.

Contact our law firm in Pittsburgh, PA, at (412) 652-9300 today for a free, no-obligation consultation concerning your personal injury case. D’Amico Law Offices, LLC serves clients throughout the states of Pennsylvania and West Virginia. 

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Personal Injury Lawyer Free Consultation FAQs

To make the best use of your time during the consultation, you should come prepared with the following  information related to your accident and injuries: 

  • Medical records
  • Hospital bills
  • Work-related documents, such as pay stubs (for lost wages)
  • Any witness statements 
  • Pictures and videos 
  • A written account of how the injury happened 

If you can’t gather all these, don’t worry. The point of the consultation is to find out more information about your case. Ultimately, it will be the attorney’s responsibility to gather and organize evidence for trial. 

An important goal of an initial consultation is to decide whether you want to hire this particular attorney. The attorney’s skills and experience can affect the amount of compensation you receive. Thus, it’s important you hire a lawyer who has a proven track record in dealing with cases like yours. You should ask them about their: 

  • Credentials and education
  • Case record and victories
  • Ability to obtain compensation for clients in the past
  • Litigation approach and strategy

Be open and honest with your attorney — everything you discuss will remain confidential, and the attorney is always there to help you.

An initial consultation provides a safe space for you to discuss the facts of your case with the attorney. From your end, you can ask them about your case, how they would handle the challenges presented by your case, and about their qualifications to handle your lawsuit. 

From the attorney’s perspective, it gives them a chance to review your case and determine what laws and legal strategies may be involved. They will be able to assess whether you have a valid claim and can begin formulating a plan for your next steps. 

By the end of the consultation, you should know: 

  • Whether you have a claim worth pursuing in court
  • Whether you will need a lawyer for your case
  • Whether the attorney is qualified enough to help you
  • How much their services will cost you

Even when you complete an initial personal injury consultation, a formal attorney-client relationship has not yet been created, and you are not required to hire them. This is the meaning of “no-obligation consultation.” 

After the consultation, the attorney will draft up an agreement if you want to proceed and have them represent you formally. Once this is signed, the professional relationship with them will be official. 

At D’Amico Law, we arrange the terms for contingency fees during our first meeting, and you remain in control of when to accept a settlement offer. You can count on clear, reliable, and consistent communication with your lawyer throughout your case. 

 Are initial consultations confidential?

While you are not officially a client during the initial consultation, by law, lawyers still owe a duty of confidentiality even to prospective clients. This means that anything you discuss with an attorney during the consultation will be held in the strictest of privacy.

At D’Amico, we take this obligation seriously. We understand that part of the stress of a lawsuit is dealing with people talking about it, and worrying about your information falling into the wrong hands. We are here to minimize these concerns so you can move focus on the best resolution. Get in touch with us today at (412) 652-9300 to schedule a consultation.

A Personal Injury Law Firm You Can Trust

When you or a loved one have been injured, harmed, or have suffered due to the negligence of another party, you may have grounds for taking legal action. D’Amico Law Offices, LLC is a personal injury law firm that assists people who have been harmed by an auto injury, medical malpractice, or another scenario through no fault of their own.