The Harmful Effects of Benzene


Besides causing harmful impacts on the bone marrow, benzene exposure can adversely affect the respiratory tract and mucus membranes. As a known carcinogen, this chemical agent is also associated with aplastic anemia and leukemia, among other severe or life-threatening side effects.

Severe Implications of Benzene Exposure

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Adverse effects of the chemical substance depend on the level of exposure, and the duration one is exposed to the harmful chemical. In the short term, benzene can irritate the respiratory tract as well as the eyes, skin, and mucus membranes. Other health concerns include drowsiness, irregular heart rhythm, and loss of consciousness. Because of its carcinogenic nature, prolonged exposure to the harmful chemical can cause life-threatening health conditions such as variations in bone marrow production. Changes in the production of red blood cells can cause anemia and several types of blood cancers like aplastic anemia and other forms of leukemia.

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